Lagori Game Rules in English

Lagori Game Rules, also known as Lingocha or Pitthu, is a centuries-old Indian outdoor game. It consists of two teams, each with an equal number of players. A tiny pile of flat stones is built in the shape of a pyramid, and one team attempts to knock it down by tossing a ball at it.

The defensive team seeks to safeguard the pile and rebuild it as rapidly as possible before the opponents tag them. Agility, coordination, and strategic thinking are all required in this game. Lagori has been performed for generations in many parts of India, bringing people together and encouraging collaboration while also offering joy and amusement.

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Lagori, also known as seven stones or seven tiles, is a classic Indian outdoor game. The game is played between two teams, each with an equal number of players. The goal is to use a ball or similar item to knock down a pile of seven flat stones or tiles stacked on top of one another. The throwing team throws the ball at the stack, while the defending team tries to grab the ball and strike the throwing team’s players with it. If a player gets struck, they are eliminated from the game until their team successfully rebuilds the stack without being hit again. The game continues until all members on one team are eliminated, at which point the opposite team wins. Lagori is a type of test.

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Conclusion on lagori game

To summarise, Lagori is a thrilling and interesting game that combines aspects of strategy, collaboration, and agility. The goal of this two-team game is to knock down the opponent team’s stacked targets while defending your own. To outwit the opponents, rapid reflexes, accurate throws, and excellent communication are required. Lagori not only offers physical activity, but it also improves coordination and encourages healthy competition among players. Lagori may be enjoyed by individuals of all ages and ability levels because to its simplicity and accessibility, making it a popular choice for outdoor entertainment and social events. Overall, Lagori provides players with a stimulating and entertaining experience that develops both physical and mental ability.

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